Friday, 12th September 2008


ATM Interactive works with thousands of website and email newsletter publishers to maximize revenues generated from their advertising inventory. ATM Interactive Publishers can select high performing offers from over 200 top tier ATM Interactive clients. ATM Interactive works closely with publishers to determine the best offers for each publisher's unique audience and content.

ATM Interactive provides publishers with links and creative for banners, text link pop ups, email newsletters and search engines. Publishers are paid for each completed offer on a performance basis. Publishers are in complete control of which offers they display on their website and are not required to commit to any exclusivity agreements. ATM Interactive serves as a full service outsourced sales force for managing hundreds of advertising relationships for our publishers.

ATM Interactive is focused on delivering the highest performing offers to our publishers. By consistently delivering large volumes of new customers to our advertising clients, ATM Interactive receives top pricing which we pass on to our publishers.

Our sales team is dedicated to identifying and acquiring new advertising offers to provide our publishers. ATM Interactive rigorously tests the performance of new offers to ensure that they meet strict criteria for revenue generation. Typically, an offer must meet minimum Revenue per Click (RPC) and Revenue per thousand Impressions (RPM) metrics. Only offers that generate the necessary revenue are made available to publishers.

ATM Interactive offers a wide selection of Advertiser offers to choose from. Publishers can select the ATM Interactive Advertiser offers that best match their audience demographics and interests.

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