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ATM Interactive, founded in 2006, is a pioneer in performance-based online marketing. Our clients rely on our online marketing expertise, technology platform and large media buying team to effectively reach online consumers. We aim to be a true one-stop shop for all of our clients' online acquisition needs.

Our performance-based pricing model is attractive to clients because our clients only pay for each new customer they acquire through our efforts. We don't charge set up fees or monthly minimum retainers. The risk of working with us is low and the potential return is substantial.

ATM Interactive employs Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) and Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) pricing models for advertisers. This means that our clients only pay us when they acquire a new customer or generate a qualified lead through our online marketing efforts. This structure reduces the risk of online campaigns for our clients while at the same time guaranteeing a great ROI for their online marketing dollars. We assume the campaign risk so our clients don't have to.

ATM Interactive offers clients the choice of online customer acquisition and qualified lead generation.

Customer Acquisition

ATM Interactive delivers consumers directly to the client's website. Once the consumer reaches our client's website the consumer has the opportunity to become a paying customer for the product or service offered. The client only pays for customers acquired.

Lead Generation

This program targets consumers that are interested in a specific product or service. The consumer is asked to complete a form with additional information. Fields of information completed by the consumer are customized to the client's needs, scrubbed for accuracy and delivered seamlessly to the client's sales force or call center in real time or on a daily basis.

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